Because Everyone Deserves a Bike

Who We Are

Happy family posing with new therapeutic tricycles.

Gateway Tykes on Trykes is a group of local pediatric physical and occupational therapists along with local families dedicated to providing adapted tricycles to children in the St. Louis area and surrounding communities. We raise funds and assess proper fit of AmTryke® therapeutic trikes for children and others who are otherwise unable to ride a regular bike.

Through our chapter we can provide highly discounted pricing on these typically expensive adaptive therapeutic tricycles.

Fun and Freedom

The fun and freedom of riding your own bike is something everyone should be able to enjoy. Now, thanks to the AmTryke® therepeutic tricycle, even individuals who are unable to operate a traditional bicycle can finally realize this wonderful experience.

Established in 1994, AmTryke® LLC is a company owned and operated by National AMBUCS™ Inc. AMBUCS™ is a national nonprofit service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

Theraputic Benefits

                        My Bicycle
                        When I ride my bike
                        I feel free and happy and strong
                        Liberated from the usual nonsene of the day to day life
                        Solid, dependable, silent
                        My bike is my horse, my fighter jet, my island, my friend
                        Together we shall conquer that hill and thereafter
                        The World

To date, over 15,000 AmTrykes have been distributed around the world. The majority of these trykes are purchased by volunteer members of the AMBUCS™ organization and donated free of charge to children in financial need.

These unique tricycles, which can be hand and/or foot operated, are designed to accomodate riders of all ages, sizes, and varying degrees of physical limitation.

Both physical and ocupatinal therapists acknowledge the tricycle's many theraputic benefits, citing improved motor skills, stength development, and self-esteem.